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Eaton BladeUPS

The Eaton BladeUPS is a scalable & modular UPS system designed for high density computing environments, including large data centers. Dissipating one-third of the heat of traditional modular UPS systems, this powerful configuration provides the power protection your mission-critical applications need. 

Power rating
5-60 kW
208 Vac and 400 Vac
Form factor

Plug-and-play parallel configuration

Expanding your BladeUPS without the help of Eaton is easy with the UPS’ intelligent system. It automatically detects connected modules and fully configures itself for parallel operations.

Support for dynamic data centers

The modular, scalable design allows the BladeUPS to accommodate growth from 12 – 60 kW with its flexible, building-block architecture.

Save space in the rack and the server room

With double the power density of other UPSs on the market, the BladeUPS offers the smallest footprint of any UPS in its class.

Reduce air conditioning needs by a third

The lower heat dissipation of a BladeUPS means they can be located near equipment racks without concern about hot spots, all while reducing overall cooling costs.

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