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Posi limited-slip differential

The Eaton Posi limited-slip differential is the perfect way to control traction in street rods, light duty pickups and all types of tarmac running race cars. Featuring pyrolytic carbon clutches, rebuildable design, net-forged gears for added strength and seamless, automatic operation.
Posi limited-slip differential
Limited-slip differential
Race-bred, pyrolytic carbon clutches
Automatic operation
Smooth engagement in forward and reverse
Rebuildable design
Tunable via various spring packs (a.k.a. pre-loads)

Core features

  • Race-bred, pyrolytic carbon clutches
  • Tunable via various spring packs (a.k.a. pre-loads)
  • Rebuildable design
  • Works in forward and reverse
  • Net forged gears for added strength
  • Smooth, automatic engagement
  • Optimized torque bias ratios deliver maximum vehicle acceleration and handling

Prevent wheel slip before it starts

The Eaton Posi limited-slip differential prevents wheel slip before it can get started. To do that, carbon disc clutch packs, preloaded by a central spring assembly, are located behind each differential side gear. When torque input increases the clamping load on the clutch packs increases. That causes the chatter-free clutch packs to grab and transfer power to the other wheel.

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