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Eaton's BECO PR Range depth filter sheets has been specially developed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

Exceptionally pure raw materials and a special production method produce Eaton's BECO PR depth filter sheets with a low endotoxin content. The special characteristic of this range is high endotoxin retention during the filtration of a wide variety of pharmaceutical products.

Filter Material
Cellulose with mineral components
Coarse, clarifying, fine filtration; Microbial reduction and removal
FDA, EC1935; Validation Guide available

Core features

  • Greatest possible endotoxin retention as well as a maximum germ retention rate
  • A special manufacturing process achieves a low endotoxin content
  • Maximum raw material purity for minimum migration of soluble ions
  • The ideal combination of filtration-active and adsorptive properties ensures maximum reliability
  • Comprehensive quality assurance for all raw and auxiliary materials and intensive in-process controls ensure consistent quality of the finished products
  • Before delivery, the endotoxin content of < 0.125 EU ml-1 of all BECO PR depth filter sheets is tested with the help of an LAL test. A certificate is available on request

Microbe Reduction and Removal
BECO PR Steril S 100, PR Steril S 80, PR Steril 40 
These specific sheet filter sheets boast high germ retention rates achieved through the fine-pored structure and an electro-kinetic potential with an adsorptive effect. These depth filter sheets are characterized by high endotoxin retention rates and due to their great retention capacity for colloidal components, these filter sheets are particularly suitable as prefilters for subsequent membrane filtration.

Fine Filtration
Eaton's BECO depth filter sheets for achieving a high degree of clarification. These depth filter sheets reliably retain ultra-fine particles and have a germ-reducing effect and are used in practice as ideal prefilters for membrane filters, reverse osmosis systems, and to protect chromatography columns.

Clarifying Filtration and coarse Filtration
These filer sheets offer a large-volume cavity structure and have a high dirt holding capacity for particles and are very suitable for clarifying filtration applications.


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit wine
  • Fine chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals

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