Performance aftermarket differentials engineered for the most challenging terrain.

Whether you are transforming your daily driver to a street/strip machine or want to improve your off-roader, Eaton has aftermarket differentials that are right for your application.

Our range of performance differentials fall into two categories: Limited slip differentials are torque sensing differentials that allow the wheel with traction to receive more torque. Locking differentials are ideally suited for off-road applications by ensuring each wheel receives equal torque, to keep your vehicle moving.

With more than 100 years in the vehicle business, we provide quality that is unmatched in the performance aftermarket. Every Eaton product is tested and validated in our fully equipped labs and 650-plus acre proving grounds. Join the ranks of professional racers, custom car builders and restoration experts who choose Eaton Performance differentials. No other brand can provide you with comparable reliability and durability.
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We Make More Horsepower Work

From the moment your foot hits the gas, Eaton Performance differentials are at work efficiently maximizing wheel traction. Our complete family of products includes automatic limited-slip, automatic locking and electronic selectable locking differentials. Each is highly engineered, tested and validated for a variety of applications including: daily driving, racing, towing, off-road and rock crawling.