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When it comes to protecting your people and assets, there's no room for compromise.

By working with our team of experts, we can help you maximise safety during an emergency.

Today, safe evacuation has become a business-critical issue due to technologically complex buildings and a workforce that is often hard to track. So if you haven't updated your evacuation procedures, isn't it time you should?

Detect. Alert. Evacuate.

Planning for the safe evacuation of commercial and industrial buildings is a challenge for building owners and managers due to the complicated risk and regulatory environment.  

An increasingly urbanised and complex environment, combined with a rising diversity of safety threats, means the owners and managers of buildings need to re-evaluate the way they protect people and property as well as ensure business continuity that may be at risk in an emergency.

Other considerations that need to be taken into account are the potential age range and health of people visiting the building. Similarly, during an emergency situation, panic is heightened and decision-making can be impaired. This can lead to congestion, delays and, in some instances, guide people to unsafe places. 

Safe evacuation of buildings can prove increasingly challenging when a proportion of visitors are not familiar with layout and procedures, and particularly if they are in large, highly-populated, high-risk or complex premises such as railway stations, shopping centres, airports, stadia, government buildings or leisure facilities.

Building owners and managers have an obligation to protect people, property and business continuity. Failure to take reasonable steps leaves businesses vulnerable not only to the catastrophic loss of people and property but financial, legal, operational and reputational implications.

Adaptive evacuation

Choose safer, quicker evacuation of your building with superior escape route management technology.