Future-proof machine control and operation

Outperforming expectations with designs for next generation machines

As a machine manufacturer or operator, you expect to have full control. Your machine control interfaces have to be adaptive, intuitive and connected - just like the devices you use at home. We can help you reduce time-to-market and operating costs without sacrificing performance. Discover how our products are designed to make machine operation and control easy.

Next generation machine operation

The human-machine interface is the face of the machine - it needs to make a good impression. It's the first place you turn to for control or for information about the machine status. In today's digital environment where touch panels are the norm, connected indicators and pushbuttons are even more critical for data collection and diagnostic information. Plus, it needs to be easy to integrate them into your IT network. Like any first impression, the design matters. The ergonomic, attractive and functional design of our products makes machine operation more intuitive and efficient. 

Add new functionality to your low- to mid-complexity application

Things are changing. Historically, many applications with low to medium complexity had to be operated with a standard PLC, as a control relay just didn't offer enough flexibility. Today's new generation of machine control relays are engineered to reduce commissioning time and the total cost of the machine. They offer higher flexibility thanks to more I/Os, fast Ethernet communication and greater possibilities in application programming, including structured text. Why use a PLC when today's intuitive, easy-to-use and economic control relays can do the job?

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