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Eaton 5SC UPS

The Eaton 5SC pure sine wave UPS provides high-quality output voltage for wider compatibility with today’s active PFC (power factor corrected) power supplies in sensitive IT equipment. Ideal for small business, high-end workstations, servers, storage and network equipment, the 5SC UPS corrects a wide range of input voltage variations through continuous regulation without the use of batteries. The LCD interface provides clear status of key parameters and allows configuration for output voltage, the audible alarm and power input sensitivity. By pairing the 5SC pure sine wave UPS with Eaton's Intelligent Power Protector software, you can avoid data loss, gracefully shutting down your connected computer during an extended power outage. The 5SC comes with a standard three-year warranty on the UPS and batteries, along with a $150,000 load protection guarantee for all of your connected equipment

Applications include: High-end residential, retail, banks, offices, small business.

Connected equipment may include: High-end desktop computers and workstations, gaming PCs, networking devices, kiosks, entertainment systems, point-of-sale (POS) equipment, network-attached storage (NAS), servers and other IT equipment.

Eaton 5SC UPS
Power rating
500–1500 VA
120V, 208/230V
Form factor

Increase battery life by 50%

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3-year warranty

Comprehensive cover and support for your UPS and batteries.
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