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Eaton 9SX UPS

With robust online double-conversion power protection, zero transfer time to battery, continuous filtering of power, and an internal, automatic static bypass, the Eaton 9SX tower UPS consistently delivers reliable performance. The 9SX UPS provides up to 28 percent more wattage compared to traditional UPSs, allowing you to connect more devices and leave room for expanding IT systems. Compatible, line-and-match battery packs allow you to tailor the runtime of the 9SX UPS to meet your requirements. The 9SX easy-to-ready LCD display gives you access to UPS alarm history, energy logs, unit serial numbers and firmware versions to enable first-time issue resolution right at the source. Eight, user-selectable languages ensure success for global deployments.

Typical applications: Medical/healthcare, light industrial, K-12, universities, automation, manufacturing

Eaton 9SX UPS
Power rating
700 VA – 3 kVA
120V, 208V
Form factor

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Simplify on-site monitoring

An advanced LCD interface provides the data needed for first-time issue resolution at source.

Remote management: notification and alerts for power events

Avoid downtime for battery maintenance

Hot-swappable batteries allow you to remove and replace batteries without powering down connected equipment.

Increase battery service life by 50%

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