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Circuit breakers
xEffect FRCmM-125 Type B, Bfq and B+ residual current circuit breakers
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xEffect FRCmM-125 Type B, Bfq and B+ residual current circuit breakers

The FRCmM is part of our xEffect industrial series for the machine building sector.

These products provide optimal system and additional protection for a wide range of applications. They come with a range of nominal currents and comprehensive optional accessories, as well as features such as a status indicator.

xEffect FRCmM-125 Type B, Bfq and B+ residual current circuit breakers
compliant to
IEC 61008, IEC 62423
Rated Current
125 A
B, Bfq and B+

Core features

  • Special residual current devices - all-fault-current sensitive
  • High level of protection against nuisance tripping
  • Selective versions available
  • Auxiliary switches available
  • Contact position indicator red - green
  • 30 mA versions for operator protection available
  • Modern RCB for 125 A rated current
  • Fault current/residual current protection and additional protection
  • Twin-purpose terminal (lift/open-mouthed) at top and bottom
  • Can be positioned on busbar at top or bottom
  • Free terminal space despite installed busbar
  • Z-HD auxiliary switch can be retrofitted
  • The installation position does not affect the functioning of the device
  • Tripping is independent of the mains voltage (Type A currents)
    50 V AC are required for detecting Type B currents

Reliable protection for machines

These products provide an optimal system and additional protection against residual earth leakage currents for a wide range of applications by offering different tripping characteristics to cater for various electrical systems and components that can generate. Available in a comprehensive range of nominal current values and with optional accessories.

The FRCmM-125 xEffect RCCB is available in three different types:

Type B

All fault-current sensitive protective devices are designed for use in 50 Hz AC systems with electrical equipment such as frequency converters, uninterruptible power supply systems, electric vehicle charging or high frequency power converters. These devices will identify all types of fault currents in line with tripping characteristic B of the IEC 60755 standard, i.e. pure DC residual currents as well. In addition, they will also identify all AC residual currents of all frequencies up to 100 kHz in undulating (mixed) currents

Type Bfq

Suitable for speed-controlled drives with frequency converters; designed for household, commercial and industrial applications. Unwanted tripping is prevented through a tripping characteristic especially adapted to frequency converters. Protection against all kinds of fault currents.

Type B+

All-current sensitive RCD switchgear for applications where DC fault currents may occur. Non-selective, non-delayed. Protection against all kinds of fault currents. Also meets the requirements of the VDE 0664-400 standard and therefore provides enhanced fire safety.
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