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xPole PFDM residual current circuit breaker

Eaton offers a complete range of compact residual current devices for fault current/residual current and additional protection in residential and small commercial applications.

xPole PFDM residual current circuit breaker
rated current
125 A
available versions
2- and 4-pole
Type AC and A

Core features

  • Selective versions available
  • Auxiliary switches available
  • 30 mA types for operator protection available
  • Modern RCCB for 125 A rated current
  • Advanced electronic residual current device

Reliable protection for machines

These products help maintain an optimal system and provide additional protection against residual earth leakage currents for a wide range of applications. They come with different tripping characteristics to cater for a variety of electrical systems and components. The devices offer a wide range of nominal currents and comprehensive optional accessories.

Type of protection

Since tripping does not depend on the mains voltage, this RCD is suitable for “fault current/residual current protection” as well as “additional protection” within the meaning of the applicable standards.
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