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Sirios LED - Self-contained safety & exit sign
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Sirios LED - Self-contained safety & exit sign

Sirios LED is a low-profile range of emergency lights, designed and equipped with technical solutions and accessories for a wide range of applications such as offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and general commercial applications.

The range of accessories includes a recessed base for installation to walls and false ceilings, a weatherproof kit, an exit sign label as well as a variety of light distribution options.

The use of LEDs, automatic testing and monitoring devices (CGLine+) significantly reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the installation.

Sirios LED - Self-contained safety & exit sign
Open or closed LEDs
2 positions for exit sign, anti-panic or escape route
Easy integration
Wide range of accessories available
Latest technology
Automatic testing and monitoring with CGLine+


  • 30m viewing distance
  • 120lm or 240lm (CGLine+ variants)
  • 3h duration
  • CGLine+ technology

2 LED positions depending on the function you need

Ideal for all applications

IP65 kit

Double-sided exit sign panel

Exit sign plexiglass panel for ceiling mounting 30m viewing distance.

Fast installation

Sirios can be associated with a wall mount base accessory to make the installation faster and easier.

Simply the most flexible, reliable monitoring for peace of mind

The Sirios LED luminaires can be reliably and efficiently monitored thanks to CGLine+ technology.
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