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PKZ-SOL string circuit breaker

The PKZ-SOL string circuit breaker from Eaton’s Moeller series provides a fuseless alternative for protection against short-circuit currents. To ensure maximum protection, each PKZ-SOL device is installed inside a tailor-made junction box. An auxiliary contact provides information on the switching status, while the documentation contains a diagram that explains the exact relationship between the tripping current of the protective device and the short-circuit current of the PV modules.

PKZ-SOL string circuit breaker
Adjustable trip settings
Remote disconnect:
Undervoltage releases

Core features

  • Rated operational voltage: 900 V DC
  • Rated currents of 12 A, 20 A and 30 A
  • Permissible short-circuit currents Isc in the string: from 1.6 A to 22 A

Quickly back to work

String circuit breakers offer a distinct advantage over fuses because they are immediately ready for operation after they have tripped and the cause has been rectified.

Flexible settings

The adjustable trip settings make it possible to fine-tune the devices to the short-circuit current that is actually present at the string. The thermal release will already respond if the current is exceeded by a factor of 1.05 to 1.3, while the magnetic release will trip at 6 times the current.
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