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xComfort controllers

The xComfort wireless controllers make it possible, for example, to activate the lights, to control the blinds or to separately manage the temperature in each room.

This comprehensive system enables the complete automation of all home applications, thereby providing greater comfort and efficiency. To take your Go Wireless system to the next level, Eaton recommends the simple and user-friendly xComfort Bridge controller, for smart home control that is easy, scalable and future-proof.

xComfort controllers
The xComfort system can be controlled from anywhere. If you‘re at home, you control the system directly through your home network. If you‘re away, you have full control through the internet or on your smartphone via Eaton Server.

Core features

  • Local and remote control
  • For controlling, co-ordinating and optimising all possible functions:
    • Lighting controls
    • Indoor climate control for heating, air conditioning and shading systems
    • Safety functions
    • Energy management
  • No wires, no construction mess
  • Hassle-free connection to existing electrical installations

xComfort Smart Home Controller

xComfort Smart Home Controller

The Smart Home Controller enables all functions of a modern electrical installation, e.g. central display and operation, lighting, shading, energy monitoring, temperature regulation, scenarios, IP cameras, macros etc.

xComfort Bridge

xComfort Bridge green side view
xComfort Bridge enables easy configuration and remote control of lighting via smartphone using the xComfort Bridge App. All you need to do is to install one of our preconfigured Go Wireless packages and get started with convenient dimming and switching.
xComfort - Man touching iPad
Man using an mobile app
Man standing in front of a wood house

2 & 12 Channel Remote Control                      

2 Channel Remote Control

The 2 and 12 channel remote controls send signals to the convenient electrical installation system when it is operated. The functions can be individually assigned, with no distinction to be made between blinds control, dimming, switching etc.

12 Channel Remote Control with Display

12 Channel Remote Control with Display

The 12 channel remote control with display enables the user to conveniently operate and control different functions such as lighting, shading etc. A total of 12 functions can be selected and operated on the display with blue background lighting.

xComfort Room Controller Touch

The xComfort Room Controller Touch has been specifically designed as local Room Control Unit for the visualization and control of the temperature and humidity in a room. Its touch display with backlight function offers an intuitive interface for the daily use.

With xComfort you get full access to the wireless control of your house, wherever you are. It makes no difference whether you’re at home or travelling, the same user interface can be accessed from anywhere.

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