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xComfort Door/Window Sensor

The battery powered xComfort Door/Window sensor is a wireless slimline door/window sensor, with integrated xComfort RF, for wireless door and window monitoring and the activation of smart home functions. It significantly contributes to energy savings and increased levels of comfort and safety.

xComfort Door/Window Sensor
Saves energy
and increases your comfort and safety
Communication via Eaton reliable
wireless communication
Suitable for
residential customers and apartment business

Core features

  • Slim design available in Warm white, Bright white, Grey and Brown
  • Battery powered Door/Window sensor with integrated xComfort RF
  • Long battery life time with standard CR2 battery up to 5 years (TYP)
  • xComfort Basic mode and Comfort mode supported
  • Spacers included in the same colors as the housing
  • In-door use
  • Operating temperatures: 0 to +40 °C
  • Easy and flexible installation, with adhesive tapes or screws
  • Sensor behaviour selection possible to match the application, e.g. ON-command when open or when closed
  • Multi-color LED for battery and RF-connection health status indication
  • Direct wireless control of xComfort actuators or in combination with SHC for smart home functions

xComfort Door/Window Sensor video


Save energy

As soon as you open a door or window, the xComfort sensor will set the heating to frost protection, and it will only return the temperature to comfort levels once the door or window has been closed.

Set peace of mind & safety

Once a door or window has been opened, the sensor will prevent the blinds from closing. No visual check is required to verify that the door/window or blinds have not been damaged.
xComfort Door/Window sensor
xComfort Door/Window sensor
xComfort Door/Window sensor

Increased comfort & safety

You can set the xComfort door/window sensor to turn on the lights as soon as you open the front door, and you can even combine it with fixed macros for coming home – or you can use it to turn on the light inside your wardrobe once you open the wardrobe door.

Stay connected

A multi-color LED indicates when the battery is low and needs to be replaced, or if any other corrective action is necessary. The xComfort Door/Window senor brings flexible stand-alone solutions in your home and once connected to the xComfort SHC it even featuring real smart home solutions. For example if the “away” mode is activated, the you can get a notification in case a window has been left open and you can get in a glance the status of your doors and windows.

We help you to save energy while increasing your comfort and safety.

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