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Medium to large enterprise data centre

Determining whether your data centre’s current state is the best model for managing your business data in the future is critical to your growth. We have the expertise to empower your decisions.

Redefine data management in a big data world

With the ever-growing focus on data, your enterprise needs to rely on its data centre. And to do that, you need to know if even your current data centre is the best model for your business in the future. With our expertise, you will be able to design your data centre and IT operations to efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively propel your business forward.

Webcast: Can DCIM manage data centre infrastructure?

A key question that is being asked today is if DCIM can actually manage data centre infrastructure.

Access the broadest portfolio on the market

From chip to grid, we can help you to measure and manage your power system with our extensive expertise and comprehensive portfolio of products that work together to make smooth operational processes. From power distribution to back-up power, cable management and lighting, working with a single provider reduces your project costs and minimises operating costs.


What is more, by working with us you benefit from the most innovative, future-focused experts in the data centre market, because we integrate with leading virtual platforms including CA, VMware, Cisco, NetApp, Citrix, Microsoft, VCE, SimpliVity and EMC. 

Achieve efficiency and reliability with quantifiable results

Your data centre should be an operational showcase in leading technology, delivering unrivalled efficiency and redundancy with the least risk and cost. We appreciate the inherent challenges that come with this and can help to determine if a cutting edge technology truly aligns with your business strategies and validate that its performance will eclipse the proven methodologies already in place. We will also help you to forecast and legitimise the appropriate payback period. 
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