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Multi-tenant and co-location data centre

Managing a multi-tenant data centre requires you to accommodate different business models. It is complex and your business depends on uptime, 24 hours a day. We can help you to reduce the complexity inherent in a rapidly changing, on-demand IT architecture.

Outperform your competition with exceptional reliability and agility

With many customers come many different requirements. Meeting their unique needs is what drives growth. We can help you to minimise equipment, planning and installation costs and navigate the fast-moving IT landscape. To succeed, you need to get to market faster with data centre architecture built to scale.

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Get to market faster

Your multi-tenant data centre is dynamic and requires a solid electrical foundation that can support its needs today and allow for rapid growth and change. With space-saving, flexible solutions that are as easy to deploy as they are to manage and a portfolio of products and services that are designed for modular scalability, we help you to view your data centre as an integrated system. Ensuring interoperability that lowers your costs, reduces your risk and provides a safer environment throughout the life of your business. 

Access the broadest portfolio available

From the utility feed to the outlet, we help you to measure and manage your power system with our extensive expertise and comprehensive portfolio. Our offering includes power distribution, backup power protection, thermal management, full-scale engineering and support services and information management systems. And when integrated into one system, our portfolio is designed to ensure smooth operational processes.

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with innovative design

When managing costs is critical, products designed for lower TCO are a necessity. Our high-efficiency back-up power protection and power distribution solutions provide maximum savings through unrivalled performance in efficiency and site compatibility features, like input current harmonic distortion (THD) and high power factor. Our innovative, transformerless UPS design reduces consumed raw material and lowers transport and operation costs with a substantially smaller footprint. And our airflow management and heat containment systems optimise the temperature in your data centre and increase individual rack capacity, as well as CRAC cooling efficiency.
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