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Cut, load & haul

From rough terrain to excessive vibration and dusty environments, the extreme conditions of a mine site can compromise your equipment and put your operation at risk. Your equipment must be rugged and reliable and operators must be in control and safe. 

Maximise output by optimising productivity

In environments with rough terrain, excessive vibration and dust, your equipment must be rugged and reliable to withstand the extreme, changing conditions, whilst also keeping operators and the entire operation safe. There is little margin for error. Output counts. Technology that delivers performance and maximises uptime will help you drive productivity.

Ensure operational integrity, safely

Through intelligent predictive diagnostics and on-line monitoring systems that forecast imminent failure, our solutions reduce downtime and emissions and increase operator safety. Our energy-efficient piston pump and proportional valve technologies, predictive maintenance diagnostics, full installation and commissioning capabilities and service programs ensure your load and haul operation operates predictably, efficiently and reliably.

Designing a drop-in clutch replacement on time and on budget

See how we developed a highly reliable solution with our Airflex clutches that helped restart an Arizona copper mine.