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Mining exploration is a high-risk job. Even in these tough environments, production must keep up, regulations must be met and people must be protected. Finding ways to get the job done efficiently and safely is the key to operational success.

Manage the complexity of operating in challenging recovery environments

Uncovering mineral reserves is a high-risk operation. Exploration can take years and the increasing complexity of getting the job done while meeting regulations can drive up costs. As failure to achieve milestones and deliver operational uptime can jeopardise tight margins, finding ways to optimise your mining operation is essential. 

Maximise productivity while minimising complexity

We help you mitigate risk, minimise complexity and meet challenging lead times. Wherever you are mining, we know the codes and standards. Our technology solutions provide power, productivity and fuel efficiency. Enhanced monitoring and remote control assure safety, asset integrity and environmental performance. You can count on us to have products and services available when and where you need them.

Finding a solution to contaminated lubrication lines

See how our flat-face, colour-coded couplings helped solve a major downtime issue for an Australian mine.