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Processing is the most continuous, energy intensive part of your operation. It also drives the quality of your end product. It’s a critical step in your operation, so that uptime and reliability will make or break your operation. 

Ensure the right level of quality in your finished product

The final processing step helps determine the ultimate quality of your finished product. That’s why uptime and reliability drive the success of your operation. Any unscheduled disruption of the process can cause significant cost and equipment damage. Weeks or months of downtime mean lost production and revenue. Processing is also energy intensive and efforts to reduce your environmental footprint will affect your operating decisions. Processing requires non-stop operation, and sometimes it is necessary to perform scheduled maintenance without shutting down the operation – but doing so is potentially hazardous. That's why it's critical to have access to technologies that protect both your people and your equipment. 

Drive superior output and better manage your power consumption 

It's important to your operation to deliver more output and maximise power consumption. Real-time process control can increase the reliability, uptime and quality of your processes. Our power distribution and protection systems can supply the continuous power and energy efficiency that you demand. Our filtration systems reduce waste and ensure that water can either be recovered and re-used when practical or treated prior to release, reducing your water costs and environmental footprint. Predictive diagnostics forecast imminent failure. Industry-first safety products and technology protect your people and equipment, while on-site service and support ensures costly downtime is not a threat to your operations or your bottom line.

Improving electrical workplace safety

See how we helped reduce safety risks for Lehigh Hanson by developing an enterprise-wide arc flash compliance programme.