Midstream distribution of oil and gas requires maintaining integrity in ageing pipelines and addressing safety concerns as transport volumes rise.

Midstream trends demand comprehensive safety, control and monitoring

As midstream operations focus more on increasing demand and innovation in upstream technology development, we know that managing huge pressure requirements is critical. Regulatory and environmental scrutiny is increasing in new pipeline certification and maintaining integrity in ageing pipelines becomes increasingly difficult. Road and rail distribution safety concerns are also rising as transport volumes increase.    

Ensure operational integrity. Safely.

Our midstream oil and gas solutions help you to mitigate transport, environmental and safety risks, all while keeping costs down. Our expertise in large, high-pressure operations in challenging and remote locations allows us to help you reach your project goals. Our comprehensive safety, control and monitoring solutions offer outstanding protection. We help you to optimise maintenance and extend equipment life, all while ensuring that you comply with industry regulations and technical standards.

Keeping cool, even in hazardous environments

See how our ACE explosion-proof VFD was designed to operate effectively in temperatures up to 50º C.