Control and signalling

Providing a safe and comfortable transportation experience is essential to passenger satisfaction. Better control and signalling management ensures better efficiency along the railways, reducing line traffic and enhancing the customer experience.

Keep trains moving and passengers satisfied

With the many methods of transportation available today, you want to provide passengers with an experience that is safe, comfortable and without delays. Better railroad controls and signalling management increases the capacity of the lines and reduces line traffic, leading to profitability, increased safety and passenger satisfaction.

Helping you to meet the demands of daily travel

Keep your operations on the move with our holistic electrical solutions and minimise maintenance disruption with assemblies engineered off-site. Our solutions help you maintain the flexibility of the rail management system for increased reliability and resilience. In the case of an incident, systems restart quickly and passengers reach their destination safely. Bringing it all together, Eaton project management gives you a single point of accountability for all technical, financial and commercial coordination, while our engineering services support design construction to optimise investment cost and reduce maintenance. We help you: 

  • Stay on track with UPS systems designed to deliver efficient, modular and scalable back-up power 
  • Ensure reliability with high-performance switchgear
  • Accommodate your various application needs with customised and standard Martek Power converters 

Energising a major power system upgrade

See how Xiria ring main units and switchgear modernise an outdated rail signalling and power system.