Shareholder value

We make keeping our commitments work*

*Our shareholders don't invest on a whim; they invest in us with the intention of benefiting from our long-term success. And increasing shareholder value means that we do a lot of things right: We take strategic action, create next-generation innovations, anticipate customer needs and deliver on commitments. 


On an annual basis, we recognize business units, plants and functions that drive process improvements with standardization and broad applicability across our organization. The 2016 Continuous Improvement Award went to Eaton teams that developed sustainable improvements in:

  • Processes and training
  • Cycle time, manufacturing costs, assembly and installation
  • Equipment effectiveness and increased output
  • Engineering documentation 


And, at Eaton our innovative engineers develop solutions that help our customers reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing productivity and profitability. Over the past five years, Eaton has invested approximately $2.8 billion in research and development.