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Eaton 5S UPS

The Eaton 5S UPS displays critical UPS information on battery time and outage tracking through an available, user-friendly LCD interface. This desktop UPS also provides surge protection for your network data line and coax cable connection.  The Eaton 5S UPS can fit easily into small spaces with its slim form factor and can be used as a tower UPS or as a desktop monitor stand.

Eaton’s free UPS Companion software provides easy configuration and UPS status notifications, while automating graceful shutdown for your computer during a prolonged power outage, preventing data loss.  The Eaton 5S UPS comes with a standard three-year warranty on the UPS and batteries.

Applications include: Residential, retail, banks, offices.

Connected equipment may include: Workstations, PCs, routers and networking devices, entertainment systems and point-of-sale (POS) equipment

Line Interactive
Power rating
550 - 1500 VA
Form factor


The plug-and-play functionality of the 5S allows you to start backing up your equipment the moment you take the unit out of the box. Gain automatic integration with Windows, Mac and Linux with a simple connection to a USB port.


The 5S can be installed vertically over or under a desk, or horizontally under a screen. Its compact, slimline form factor even allows it to be easily integrated into environments with space constraints.

Eaton UPS Companion software

The Eaton UPS Companion software provides safe system shutdown for small offices and residential users looking for an easy way to enhance the protection capabilities of their Eaton UPS. In addition, the Eaton UPS Companion provides energy usage and cost data, resulting in a better understanding of the power requirements of the protected equipment.