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In 1907, Floris Hazemeyer leaves his employment and starts his own electrotechnical company in Hengelo, The Netherlands and in 1913 joins with W.F.H. Jansma van der Ploeg to create Hazemeyer NV.


Hazemeyer starts co-operation with the UK-based company Reyrolle for the production of medium-voltage distribution switchgear in 1925. In 1963, together with four other Dutch electrotechnical companies, Hazemeyer becomes part of Holec NV. which is purchased by Delta Metal in 1998 to extend their electrical capabilities into the medium voltage switchgear market. The Electrical Division of Delta was acquired by Eaton in 2003, including the Holec, MEM and Bill brands, to spearhead the drive into global markets with products designed to meet international standards.