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In 1899, Franz Klöckner founds a manufacturing company in Cologne, Germany for electrical switching devices; Hein Moeller joined the company in 1911 and develops the first three-phase oil-insulated contactor in 1912.


The company becomes Klöckner-Moeller in the 1940s and then becomes Moeller GmbH in 1999 to celebrate its centennial. In the 1990s the Moeller Test Laboratory in Bonn is the first German laboratory to be accredited for industrial low-voltage devices and systems. Eaton acquires the Moeller Group in 2008, a leading manufacturer of components for residential building applications, circuit protection and industrial controls for machinery applications in Europe, and CopperLogic Inc. in 2010, a industrial equipment manufacturer and distributor of industrial control products with strong channel in the US and Canada.