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Series of videos with energy industry experts from Norway

Governmental policies that provide regulatory certainty are needed to spur private investment in the flexibility technologies required to ease the transition to a high-renewable energy future. This is the core finding of a new industry white paper “Developing flexibility: the new cornerstone of the grid” commissioned by Eaton and the Renewable Energy Association.

Many of the regulatory recommendations provided in the white paper are based on the experience of the Nordic markets, which are the most advanced in Europe in terms of regulation and government policy that encourages private investment in smart, flexible energy systems.

To get further insights, watch this series of videos with energy industry experts from Norway filmed at the panel discussion in Oslo. 


Henrik Glette, Senior Vice President at Statnett, shares what is being done by the company to mitigate climate change. 

Part 1
On the transition to full electrification in Norway  

Part 2
On the importance of data and flexibility in a renewable dominated grid  

Part 3
On fast frequency response proof of concept which Eaton’s UPS-as-a-Reserve technology was part of


    Hallstein Hagen, Senior Consultant at NODES, explains how they are building Europe’s most customer-centric, integrated energy marketplace to unlock the value of local flexible power resources and support the drive to a sustainable, emission-free future.

    Renewable Energy Association UK

    Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive of the Renewable Energy Association in the UK, talks about challenges and opportunities for the energy transition in the UK.

    Nord Pool

    Stina Johansen, Communications Director at Nord Pool, speaks about the history of Nord Pool and the key factors of its success.

    Part 1
    On the history of the Nord Pool power market

    Part 2
    On the key success factors of the Nord Pool power market

      Solving the flexibility challenge

      Flexible energy options, such as energy storage, smart-charging electric vehicles, demand response and interconnectors, are needed to ensure that the energy transition proceeds on an optimal path. Our expensive power system would otherwise be reliant on fossil-fueled backup and installing excess wind and solar capacity.

      These four types of flexibility can accelerate the transition to a cleaner power system and ultimately enable the efficient integration of 80% or more renewable energy by 2040.

      Unlocking commercial opportunities for EV charging

      The report, ‘Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Charging at Commercial and Industrial Sites’, developed by Aurora Energy Research, highlights the scale of the commercial opportunity for electric vehicle (EV) charging at workplaces, across van fleets, in commercial car parks and at motorway service stations.

      The key finding of this new cross-industry study is that the installation of EV charging infrastructure at commercial and industrial (C&I) sites across Great Britain and Germany is set to unlock significant commercial opportunities, which would be bolstered with the addition of solar photovoltaic (PV), ‘Vehicle-to-Grid’ (V2G) and energy-storage installations.

      Latest news releases and featured news

      Latest news releases and featured news
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      Latest news releases and featured news

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