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9 ways to create the perfect moment with smart lighting

Consumers have a growing demand for smart home solutions that make life easier, more comfortable and more secure. Today, LED smart lighting products are not only becoming more sophisticated — they’re also becoming more affordable. And, because the latest smart lights can be manipulated for specific situations or even personalized to each individual, homeowners, their loved ones and guests can now experience perfect moments throughout the home, from the living room to the outdoor patio.

Here are nine examples of experiences homeowners can shape with smart lighting to achieve that perfect moment.

  1. Breakfast in bed: Want to surprise your significant other or children with breakfast served in bed? Create the perfect backdrop with smart lighting, whether you’re serving cold cereal and orange juice on a sunny weekday or waffles and eggs on a rainy Saturday.
  2. Getting ready for work or school: It isn’t always easy to face the day at the sound of the alarm clock, but the pleasant brightness of LED lighting tuned to 4,000K can give everyone, from parents to small children, the extra boost they need to get out the door on time.
  3. Game night: Make game night more memorable, whether you’re battling family members and friends for video game leaderboards or old-fashioned card game bragging rights.
  4. Movie night: Sync your smart lights with your home theater system, or simply dim them to add a real-life layer to action movies, light comedies and dark dramas.
  5. Romantic dinner: Create the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner with your loved one. For example, dim the lights to 50 percent brightness, and select a color temperature that fits the mood and complements the food you share.
  6. Backyard cookout: Light the patio perfectly for a sunset meal or a friendly neighborhood cookout in the light of a full moon.
  7. Teen night out: Set outdoor smart lighting to dim while your neighbors are getting ready for bed and then brighten at midnight — just in time for your teenager to arrive home for curfew after a night out with friends.
  8. Bedtime: Program smart bedroom lighting to help you wind down in bed with a good book and get a good night’s sleep, transitioning from cool to warm settings.
  9. Away from home or fast asleep: Whether you’re out of town or sleeping in your own bed, smart lighting can help you feel safe and sound. For example, schedule outdoor flood lights to come on from dusk to dawn. You may want to start the night at 50 percent brightness to avoid disturbing neighbors who are still awake, increasing to 100 percent and 5,000K (e.g., bright, white light) as the night progresses. You may also want to group outdoor motion lighting with an interior light, so that you will be notified if someone approaches the door. This is a great solution for residents who are hearing impaired.

Eaton’s HALO Home Smart Lighting System is engineered to transform spaces throughout the day and for specific activities, enhancing the experience for homeowners and guests. With white tuning, outdoor floodlights and wall controls, it can be built up to appeal to tech enthusiasts yet is user-friendly for people who don’t want to bother with the complexities of connected lighting solutions. HALO Home is also easy to install, removing the need for complicated wiring. Simply install the lights, download the mobile app, set up an account and start creating perfect moments.