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Eaton launches new industrial filter cartridge designed for high temperature and chemical exposure

February 25, 2019

EDEN PRAIRIE … The Filtration Division of power management company Eaton responds to the market’s demand for high-temperature and chemical resistant filter cartridges with the new LOFTREX® Nylon: a melt-blown depth filter cartridge that can handle high operating temperatures at 248 °F (120 °C) and shows exceptional organic solvent resistance.

The filters are manufactured from a nylon 6.6 polymer filter material using a highly efficient melt-blown technology. These factors enable the cartridges to provide high performance and long service life due to the material’s vast quantity of pores resulting in its ability to trap exceptional amounts of contaminants.

The LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridge has a large void volume of space to capture particles due to the layering of the fibers during the manufacturing process. Then particles of varying sizes are captured at different points in the filter matrix due to the LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridge being a graded density filter; large particles are captured at the outer part of the filter and fine particles are captured near the core. This design results in the LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridge having an exceptional particle-holding capacity.

“Providing our customers with a cost-efficient cartridge manufactured with melt-blown technology was our priority to ensure their high-temperature and high chemically exposed applications have a premium solution,” said Bill Laidlaw, Global Cartridge Product Manager in Eaton’s Filtration Division. “The LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridges are the ideal solution to solve filtration challenges in adhesives, coatings, inks, solvents, and waxes manufacturing processes where severe conditions are routine.”

In addition to the performance attributes previously mentioned, LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridge also has a smooth surface resulting in a significantly lower chance of any fiber migration. Fibers released from filters during process conditions can cause contamination, thus, reducing the number of production yields and potentially resulting in defects.

LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridge range is also FDA 21CFR compliant, which allows these cartridges to be acceptable for food and beverage contact applications.

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LOFTREX Nylon melt-blown, depth filter cartridges are designed to provide premium filtration results in high temperature and high chemically exposed applications.
LOFTREX Nylon cartridges can be optimally combined with a cartridge housing for a superior filtration system for high temperature and high chemically exposed applications.