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Energy storage

Use more of your clean energy with energy storage

How we generate and use electricity is changing. Energy-efficient appliances and gadgets consume less power. But as new energy vehicles become more popular, a new source of electricity demand is emerging. 

With energy storage you can store your self-generated renewable energy for when you need it most.

The average home uses around 30% of all the energy generated by its solar PV panels. A residential solar energy storage system, like xStorage Home, can increase self-consumption to 70%.

Steve Spicer, service and project business manager, United Kingdom
Today more electricity comes from renewable sources like the sun and wind. Some of us are even generating it ourselves with a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installation. By installing a residential solar energy storage system, your household is able to use more free energy from the sun when it's needed most— in the early morning or in the evening.

Whether you already own a solar PV system or plan to install one, the xStorage Home integrated energy storage unit maximizes solar self-consumption, unlocking several benefits. These include reducing the carbon footprint of your home, savings on energy bills, increased grid independence and enhanced energy security.

As they become more affordable, more and more of us will choose to drive electric vehicles (EVs). With the xStorage Home system, you can charge your electric car on clean self-generated energy and avoid peak demand charges as well as high time-of-use tariffs. 

Home energy storage systems ensure that clean, renewable energy is used at times of peak demand, known as peak shaving. In the future, utilities could link up multiple individual energy storage units, thereby allowing them to defer investments while expanding grid capacity. Utility companies would not need to pass on the costs associated with grid investments, and energy storage system owners would get paid to help strengthen the grid— a win-win situation.

Using lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries from electric vehicle (EV) leader Nissan, integrated with our robust power control technology, xStorage Home comes as a single wall-mounted box, designed to energize your home seamlessly and reliably. The system can be easily programmed and controlled using a friendly user interface.

Once installed and set up by a certified installer, you'll have peace of mind knowing that by linking your solar array, your home and the grid, xStorage Home will help you optimize the consumption of clean energy, while reducing your electricity bills and providing power no matter what.


Do you already own a solar PV system or are you planning to have solar PV installed?

If the answer is 'yes', now is the time to find out how xStorage Home can maximize your solar energy consumption, generate bill savings, provide energy security and contribute to a greener world.

xStorage Home is making your solar go further

xStorage Home has been designed to maximize solar PV self-consumption and give households peace of mind by powering loads in a grid event. Designed by Eaton and incorporating lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicle (EV) leader Nissan as well as a hybrid inverter, xStorage Home system is one of the most reliable and safe home storage systems on the market.

Proven and reliable technology

xStorage Home has been designed to be the most reliable energy storage system on the market today. The system is simple to install, set up and use. Safety is our number one priority and xStorage Home has been developed and tested to meet the highest electrical safety standards at EU and national levels.

Integrated energy storage unit in one single box

The inverter in the xStorage Home connects your solar photovoltaic (PV) panels directly to the solar storage batteries, simplifying installation while saving both space and money. The xStorage Home unit can also be configured to work with a home EV charger so that surplus electricity stored in the battery can be used to support EV charging.

Manage your energy through the user interface

The simple-to-use xStorage Home user interface lets you see and manage your energy consumption easily, from anywhere. You can follow the generation and consumption of your energy, check your battery status, all from one phone or tablet.

Eaton and Nissan - two strong partners

Eaton is a leader in both electrical energy for buildings and in power electronics, with over 100 years' experience. As an expert in uninterruptible power supply technology, Eaton brings a depth of experience to energy storage that is unmatched. For 15 years, Nissan has been a leader in electric vehicles and a proven, high-volume maker of reliable Li-Ion batteries.

Network of authorized xStorage Home installers

You can rely on a member of Eaton's authorized installer network to talk you through how the system works and identify the system size and configuration best suited to the needs of your home. Contact an installer in your area to learn how affordable energy storage can be.