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Dimming challenges

A truly effective alternative to traditional dimmers

Perhaps you're having problems dimming your LED lights: inconsistent dimming, humming, not dimming at all.

With the universal Eaton Smart Dimmer it is a problem of the past. It dims all dimmeable light sources smoothly.

Dimmers are used in many households, most often to create a cozy living atmosphere, but they can also save energy by reducing the light intensity to required levels instead of lighting up to their maximum value. 

Following the ban for incandescent lamps in 2012, the EU has recently banned halogen lamps in favor of energy-saving lamps like CFL and LED. 

In recent years, LEDs have penetrated more and more mainly due to the energy-saving opportunities provided by these lamps, but also because of decreasing price and increasing quality. LEDs are, however, more challenging to dim due to differences in quality and the nature of LED and its integrated electronics.


Selecting the right dimmer has always been a challenge since it highly depends on the load that you need to dim. Trailing edge, leading edge and universal dimmers have been options for many years for incandescent and halogen lamps. 

Finding the right dimmer for LEDs is challenging because most dimmers only dim certain LEDs reasonably. The following list summarizes common issues encountered if the dimmer does not properly fit the light source.

  • Flickering
  • Inconsistent dimming
  • Glow after switching off
  • Buzzing

Consider using the Eaton Smart Dimmer because it can smoothly dim your LEDs, has flexibility of control and is able to easily extend to  wireless switches that can be placed whereever they are needed.

Your smart home starts with an Eaton Smart Dimmer

  • Smooth dimming across max range
  • Dims even the smallest load 
  • Automatic phase cut (leading/trailing edge)
  • 6 preprogrammed DIM profiles
  • Short circuit, overload & overheating protection
  • Extendable with wireless switches
  • Easy installation and setup

Dims all dimmable light bulbs smoothly

You don't need to worry that your LED doesn’t switch off at all. The Eaton Smart Dimmer starts from 0 watts and smoothly dims all dimmable lights.

Ready out of box

If you want to smoothly dim your preferred lights from a place where there’s currently no switch, use the Wireless Dim All package and place it wherever you need it at home.

A smart home in three simple steps!

Why would you still buy a traditional dimmer?

Step 1

Install dimmers behind mechanical push buttons from a brand of choice.

Step 2

Easily add wireless switches and place them wherever you need them: dim a light with additional wireless switches or control multiple lights from a single switch.

Step 3

Add the Smart Home Controller for additional functions like timers for presence simulation, light scenes and app control.

Eaton Smart Dimmer behind the push button
Eaton wireless switch
iPhone with xComfort app