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Get your data center to market faster

Changing IT demands call for even faster response time. Whether it's the data hall or an electrical room, our products and services are designed to increase reaction time to changing IT demands and assure predictable time to market.

Compress response times and minimize downtime

In today's world, IT changes cannot be held back by physical infrastructure changes. Rapid-fire service and fast installation with the lowest total cost of ownership are critical to your success. Our expert engineers can accelerate the planning, construction and commissioning of your data center at the lowest total cost of ownership with products designed for timely, error-free installations.

Accelerate data center modernization

You're not simply bringing your data center up to date as fast as possible, you're also building capabilities to manage the demands of the future. Get up and running quickly to justify the investment and optimize your return. We can provide a customized solution that doesn't jeopardize your project timeline. In fact, we shorten it. Whether building a new facility or improving your current one, we help you design, install and expedite modernization projects. Our pre-tested systems shorten the typical lead-time, and our pre-fabricated power systems, containers and skids facilitate easier installation and reduce commissioning time, allowing you to realize the value of your investment sooner. 

Best practices for modernizing vintage data centers

As more efficient use of assets becomes a clear and pressing priority for IT organizations, the need to align the data center’s facilities and IT processes becomes greater. It's the only way to maintain uptime, coordinate complex integrated systems and deploy shared resources reliably.