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Keeping the power on for imaging facilities and labs

Protect sophisticated diagnostic imaging machines, analytical instruments and lab equipment from downtime, repairs and early replacement while managing reliable, efficient power for critical building systems.

Protect your machinery’s performance with decision support tools

You need to safely and accurately share quality imaging and diagnostic information, while managing equipment sensitivity and maintaining compliance with regulations. We can help you focus on the patient experience by ensuring the reliablity of your equipment and communications.

Keep your labs up and running

For many imaging and lab facilities, maintaining reliable power means ensuring the accurate performance of sensitive equipment patients depend on, protecting the hygienic environment for patient and staff safety, and quickly and safely performing tests and procedures.

Our products and services help protect sophisticated diagnostic medical imaging equipment like CT scanners and MRI from downtime, repairs and early replacement, while also helping to deliver power reliably and efficiently to your labs. Plus, our LED lighting solutions are easy-to-clean and dust-free, helping you achieve the best-in-class optical performance required for highly hygienic facilities.

Helping keep CT scanners up and running

Technicians needed a way to replace X-ray tubes in medical imaging equipment, while minimizing the risks and consequences of coolant leaks. We found the answer.