Increasing efficiency in liquid processing

When pumping liquids in water and wastewater applications, the right technology can help operators to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Consuming less energy and reducing wear

To reduce the total cost of ownership, while maintaining or even increasing availability, is a core priority for many liquid processing businesses. On top of this, regulatory requirements set forth by local, federal or regional governing authorities can create further challenges. 

Variable speed pumps and efficient motors change the game

Traditionally, flow control was managed with constant speed pumps and valves. This implies a higher energy consumption and wear on check valves or flap traps. Pumps equipped with energy efficient motors and controlled by variable speed drives, not only consume notably less energy, they also reduce the wear on the flow control devices. On top of that, our PowerXL DG1 variable speed drives can control up to 5 pumps autonomously, without an additional PLC.

Reducing costs in water supply and distribution

When a pump station in the south of Germany needed to reduce its total cost of ownership (TCO), Eaton's partner Aquatech decided to install energy efficient motors and PowerXL DG1 variable speed drives. This not only reduced energy consumption by 15%, but also freed space and saved maintenance costs.

Fighting fire with the required water pressure

When fighting fire in buildings, human lives and assets are in danger, so sufficient water pressure is essential. Our PowerXL DG1 drives are optimized to operate fire pumps with different water pressure zones to supply several floors of a building. It is easily configured and fire mode enables the drive to operate even in conditions where others would have already failed. 

The right pressure when you need it

Since the German based company Schneider Feuerschutz began using the PowerXL DG1 for their fire fighting system they can not only optimize costs by using smaller generators but they have also been able to increace reliabilitiy and reduce the complexity of the total system.