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Ensuring smart, reliable power for rolling stock

For operators and train manufacturers, safety is a top concern. We can also help you ensure energy efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort while effectively managing costs.

Maximize safety and economies of scale

Safety is a top priority for train operators and manufacturers, so finding ways to manage costs while achieving economies of scale through platforming and standardization is critical. Making sure that you design and build rolling stock with the highest level of safety and efficiency while staying on budget is key to the success of your business.

Speeding up solutions

Trains rely on smart, reliable power to be on schedule, day after day. We help operators and train manufacturers deliver on time and on budget with solutions that increase reliability, reduce maintenance and achieve energy and cost efficiencies. We help you: 

  • Simplify and reduce maintenance costs through hydraulic tilting systems 
  • Ensure reliable and sustainable operations with complete power protection, distribution and conversion 
  • Run efficiently with low-pressure couplings designed to reduce energy, improve ride and maintain safety 

Helping SBB’s high-speed tilting train stay on schedule

See how our power units help smooth the way for Swiss high speed trains.