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Advantage Series: in a class of its own

No other manufacturer's clutch compares to Eaton's Advantage series clutches for performance and durability, because Advantage's patented design is like no other product on the market.  

Designed for durability

The Advantage clutch is designed and tested to exceed the highest OE specifications for new trucks, giving you the best performance, reliability and lifespan. A specially tuned, dual damper system absorbs engine vibrations and prevents idle rattle, while soft rate springs protect valuable driveline components. You also get best-in-class 50,000 mile lubrication intervals, and two wear indicators for improved serviceability. Finally, our leading strap drive technology improves the intermediate plate connection for more reliable performance while eliminating lug rattle and fatigue.

Industry-leading strap drive connection

The strap drive connection found only on the Advantage series clutch improves the connection to the intermediate plate, eliminating lug failures and open clutch rattle. The alternative to the strap drive is a lug drive, which is the most common design in the market. However, since the lug is not fastened to the housing, it floats and vibrates when the clutch is open. This vibration of the intermediate plate lug can result in fatigue, and over time this fatigue can lead to failure. The straps in the Advantage clutch design affix the intermediate plate to the housing so it does not vibrate, eliminating lug rattle and improving longevity.

We make best-in-class work.

To prove it, Eaton put the Advantage Series clutches (Advantage self-adjust and Easy Pedal Advantage) through a series of 5 rigorous testing procedures, to validate (pass or fail) against OEM performance requirements. We then tested clutches from 3 other manufacturers who make and distribute clutches with brand names including:

  • ACE®
  • Alliance Truck Parts®
  • Fleetpride OTR®
  • IATCO®
  • Meritor AllFit®
  • Road Choice®
  • Sachs®

As you can see in the chart below, the results speak for themselves. No other manufacturer's clutch matches the performance of Eaton Advantage Series clutches. 

ACE, Alliance Truck Parts, Fleetpride OTR, IATCO, Meritor AllFit, Road Choice and Sachs are registered trademarks of ACE Manufacturing, ZF, and Illinois Auto Truck.

Advantage Clutch Testing Summary

Clutch Test

Advantage Series Clutch

MFG #2

MFG #3

MFG #4

What is measured

Why it matters

Torque Transfer


PASS FAIL FAIL Clutch plateload Does the clutch effectively transfer engine torque to the transmission, or does it allow slip and wear prematurely?
Damper Performance


FAIL PASS FAIL Vibration absorption Does the clutch absorb harmful vibrations, even when used in a downsped configuration? If it doesn't, the vibrations will pass through to the transmission, causing damage.  


PASS FAIL FAIL Torque pass through with clutch disengaged Does the clutch release cleanly, or will excess drag remain, causing premature wear and poor shifting? 
Damper Durability


FAIL FAIL FAIL Life of the clutch damper under load Will the clutch damper last while used with today's difficult engine vibrations? If not, the damper springs, stampings, and rivets crack and break.
Intermediate Plate Durability


FAIL FAIL FAIL Life of the intermediate plate under load Is the intermediate plate tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of today's engines? If not, the intermediate plate may fail prematurely, leading to an expensive repair bill.