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Count control legacy products

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Totalizers | Count control/preset counters | Tachometer/Ratemeters | Digital panel meters | Timers/hour meters | Flow totalizers Eclipse series | Special function control | Fusion integrated machine control | Temperature control



Eaton’s Mechanical Totalizers offer various size ranges for different duty cycles and environments. No power supply is needed for the units and they provide long life with an always-readable display. Various mounting configurations are available. Top-reading revolution counters are designed for use in most industrial applications. Typical applications include winding and spooling equipment, position display, and mechanical piece/cycle counting.


Eaton’s Electromechanical Totalizers are durable, compact, reliable and have an always-readable display. Choose from various price, voltage and size ranges for different duty cycles and environments. Power consumption is low; some models are suitable for battery consumption. Tally at speeds up to 1000 cpm. Choose from models with 4, 6 or 7 digits. Ideal for coin-operated equipment, gaming machines, printing presses and secondary machines (e.g., punch press).


Eaton’s Electronic Totalizers are compact, rugged and provide high efficiency, high accuracy, and fast reset times. Large 8-digit LCD or LED displays with a display range of -9999999 to 99999999, with overflow display. Choose various modes, such as adding or subtracting, counting (up or down), differential counting or phase discriminator single or dual evaluation. Some units may also function as a ratemeter and timer.

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Preset counters


The Eclipse series of counters offers front panel programming and a 6-digit, high-visibility LED interface available with a variety of output options. Intended for indoor use to 2000 meters. Memory will store up to 100 years of data and does not require batteries.


The Ambassador Series provides up to four presets in one of the most noise-immune packages available. It offers an AC/DC powered, two-line LCD display; totalizer and ratemeter scaling; as well as feet/inches control. The main counter is bi-directional; the batch counter is increment with main counter recycle or final preset signal; and the totalizer is bi-directional (either the same or opposite of the main counter). Select auto or manual reset to either zero or a preset number.


Eaton’s President Series features an easy-to-read, 5- or 6-digit LED display and a simple preset input by means of the large keypad. Up to 3 presets available.


The PD-Q Series is a 5-digit, true subtracting electric predetermined counter that features pushbutton operation of both predetermined count settings and reset. The unit subtracts and actuates a 4A, 250 Vac switch when 0 is reached. The output signal can halt or change the flow of items being counted, and/or operate other electrical apparatus. When the Reset button is pressed it’s ready to control the next lot or batch. The PD-ER Series has electric reset for remote operation.

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Tachometers and ratemeters


The Courier Series offers an 8-digit, high-visibility LCD display, optional backlighting, a replaceable lithium battery as well as front panel reset and a remote reset terminal. It’s a 1/Tau ratemeter with scaling capabilities. Various input options are available.


The Eclipse Series of tachometers/ratemeters offers a 5-digit, high-visibility LED interface, front panel programming, and various input options. Memory will store up to 100 years of data and does not require batteries. Intended for indoor use to 2000 meters.


The Ambassador Series is the most noise-immune ratemeter. Meters are AC/DC powered and offer has an easy-to-read, two-line, five-digit, high visibility, backlit LCD display. Other features include one or two rate inputs, two rate alarms, dual rate unit ratio calculations (A/B, A-B or draw), as well as programmable average times, zero times, and decimal point.

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Digital panel meters


Eaton's compact E5-324-E Series Digital Panel Meter offers bright, easy-to-read LED. Other features include automatic MIN/MAX value detection, freely programmable characteristic curve end points, input for Display-Hold and 24V DC power. Can be used to monitor current draw from a motor to identify potential failures, display pressure readings from a transducer with a high pressure alarm, or display system voltage and detect under voltage or over voltage conditions.


Eaton's Eclipse Series Digital Panel Meter is a compact device that provides a 4-digit, super bright LED and has the ability to count, time, and rate as well as handle multi-function, double-function and process indication. The device offers a scalable display, flashing alarms and a maximum/minimum data hold. Optional output options include Relay, Analog and RS-485. Memory will store up to 100 years of data and does not require batteries.

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Timers and hour meters


Eaton’s electronic timers/hour meters are an effective way to monitor equipment. The 1/32 DIN LCD, a battery-powered timer, provides a variety of timing display options. It is low price and high efficiency with an 8-digit LCD display. Different time ranges from 0.1 seconds to 100,000 hours. The E42DI24/E42DIR Series is an LCD solid-state hour meter with flexible input voltages. Records and displays up to 99,999.9 hours, rollover and continue timing. Memory retains data for 25+ years.


Eaton’s electromechanical hour meters are a cost-effective way to monitor time. The 1/16 DIN is typically used in small appliances, UV lamps, car display panels and as a service interval for measurement systems. The 6-T-3H is a heavy-duty option, ideal for utility vehicles, construction machines, generators, fork-lift trucks, car washes and outside areas. Both are waterproof and offer high shock resistance and magnified figures.

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Flow totalizers


Eaton’s Eclipse series flow totalizer and controller can accept signals from analog flow meters and display flow rates and volumes on a high visibility LED. It offers a 6- or 10-digit, scalable display. The Eclipse Series is typically used for length measurement and control; flow monitoring and control; process monitoring and display; as well as voltage and current monitoring and display. Memory will store up to 100 years of data and does not require batteries.

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Special function control


Eaton’s basic monitor control device is a self-contained, user-defined control ideal for custom application programming. It is designed for applications that require an intelligent control with advanced mathematical and logic capability. Features 6-digit, red LED display; a keypad with 0-9 buttons and 4 definable keys; and 6 digital inputs and quadrature count capability.


Eaton’s President Series closed-loop position control is designed to work with motor drive controllers in manual or automatic mode. It features a 6-digit, LED display, 4 move registers plus home position, 5 dwell time settings, as well as programmable offset, prewarn and kerf values. Programmable units offers maximum versatility.


Eaton’s Ambassador Series is considered a productivity monitor/ control and is a cost-effective way to monitor production activities to maximum process efficiency. It includes totalizer, batch counter, time/ batch, production efficiency, count scalers and rate functions along with reason codes, ID functions and time efficiency. Applications include conveyor speed matching/ mismatching, cable production lay control, and cable take-up reel traversing mechanism speed control.

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Fusion integrated machine control


Easily programmable and customizable, the integrated machine control products address high-speed, precision needs and have expansive I/O and logic capability with 13 count modes available. Designed specifically for the rugged needs of the machinery OEM industry, such as metalworking, textile, pumps, paper, food products, conveyors, and packaging. Ideal for most industrial environments (including wet) and available in wide-range ac or dc power models.

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Temperature control


Eaton’s temperature controllers are ideal for a wide range of applications, including heat treating, baking, packaging, furnace control, and chillers. Advanced fuzzy modified PID technology minimizes overshoot/undershoot and allows quick and accurate responses. Fast sampling rate of up to five times per second ensures accuracy in fast processes. Select analog or relay out.

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