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Wireless smart home solution xComfort

The Eaton xComfort system is a wireless home automation system, bringing comfort, safety and energy management into the home.

The system offers perfect and flexible solutions for light, shading and heating control in residential buildings and small offices. Hazard warning features provide reassurance when you are not at home and with wireless communication, you can see your home's energy consumption from your living room as well as any energy generated by the photovoltaic system.

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Fireplace hanging from ceiling in fancy home
Modern living room
Blinds on window
XCOMFORT GO WIRELESS solutions make your home smart in three simple steps:

Step 1:

Choose a package matching your needs.

Eaton xComfort GoWireless Packages samples

- xComfort Wireless Heating

- xComfort Wireless Second Switch

- xComfort Wireless Shading

- xComfort Wireless Switch All

- xComfort Wireless Dim All

- xComfort Wireless Ventilation

Step 2:

Decide if you need additional controls.

Easily add additional wireless switches and place them wherever you need them:

- Control one light/blind or shutter/ventilation with one or more additional wireless switches.

- Control a group of lights or blinds/shutter with one (or more) 'master' switch(es).


Step 3:

Decide if you add additional functions.

xComfort App control

For example timers or app control.

If you are going on holiday, you don’t need to leave your home dark, inviting thieves. Easily simulate presence by having your lights and shutters controlled automatically. You can even control lights, blinds and ventilation via an app, either while at home or away. You can do this just by adding one component!