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Build a smart security systems to meet your projects requirements

Built to last and backed by more than 40 years of Eaton security experience

Quality, compliance, reliability and resilience are designed into Eaton’s security products at the outset. We have a long-standing commitment to submit products to an intensive program of third-party testing – the only manufacturer of its kind to do so.

The company’s range for residential and small commercial premises includes intruder alarms, lone worker protection and detection, alert and communication devices, digital and voice communication, with multi-zone hardwired, wireless and hybrid options available. Our product portfolio is backed by extensive technical support, training and service capabilities.

Step 1: Choose your panel

i-on Compact - Entry level panel for smart security

The i-on Compact is a simple to install and easy to use 20 zone wireless intruder panel featuring an integrated keypad.

i-on30R - Expandable radio intruder alarm panel

The i-on30R, a 30 zone radio panel offers straightforward secure configuration using the enhanced web browser and is compatible with Eaton’s full range of radio peripherals and plug on communicators.

i-on Style - Securing homes and businesses in style

The i-on style is a 40 zone intruder panel with colour display and low profile keypad, all within a modern casing.

i-on 40H - Expandable hybrid intruder alarm panel

The i-on40H 40 zone hybrid is Eaton's most flexible control panel with both wired or wireless zones and the ability to be expanded up to 80 zones.

Step 2: If the i-on30R or i-on40H is preferred add a keypad, otherwise skip to step 3

Step 3: Add cameras, detectors and sounders to monitor and alert homes / premises

Indoor and outdoor cameras to provide visual verification and a front line deterrent

Eaton's range of indoor and outdoor cameras provide peace of mind, delivering full HD 1080p quality image to homeowners and building owners images of an event as they happen.

  • 15 Images provided: 5 seconds before an event and 10 seconds after an event
  • Built-in web server for straightforward configuration
  • Power over ethernet or local power supply unit

Detectors - finding threats in and around properties

Sounders and sirens - Deterring intruders and sounding the alarm

Step 4: Connect to Eaton’s SecureConnect™ Cloud and provide your customer with access to the app

End-User App

Eaton's SecureConnect™ End-User App is a smart security management system that keeps people and property connected 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Users are notified of alarm activity by notifications straight to their smart device, have the ability to set or unset their system remotely and receive visual verification of events instantly.

Installer Cloud

Eaton's installation management portal for residential and commercial buildings enables remote monitoring, diagnostics and servicing of connected panels saving installers time and money.

Rather than having to visit a site to investigate a fault it can be identified remotely in a matter of seconds. Tested by Eaton's Cyber Security Centre of Excellence all data transmitted through the Cloud is fully encrypted.

Request free training

Our one-day courses are for installers who want to learn more about our security systems and become an approved Eaton trained installer.