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How to register

Registration for Eaton’s supplier diversity programme can be completed in three easy steps. Start by reviewing the instructions and diverse supplier categories.

How the programme works

We look for diverse suppliers through purchasing organisations, participation in various trade show activities and utilisation of diverse supplier directories.


As a potential supplier, you may be asked to participate in reverse auctions, requests for quotes, requests for proposals and other forms of purchases. Eaton considers suppliers based on capabilities match.


Once your capability profile is fully completed and entered into the system, your profile will be available online to the Eaton buying community. We will contact you only if your capability profile matches a current need being quoted. Please note that an incomplete profile (inclusive of certification documentation) may hinder capability searches.

Register in three simple steps

  1. Register your supplier capability profile online through Eaton’s Supplier Diversity Database.
  2. Attach all applicable certification documents to the profile for verification.
  3. Respond in a timely manner to any communications.

Diverse supplier categories