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Secondary unit substations | Secondary 1000 V and below

Eaton’s secondary unit substation is a close-coupled assembly consisting of primary high voltage equipment, three-phase power transformers and secondary low voltage equipment. Because the integrated transformer solution locates transformers and secondary distribution equipment near the load concentration, secondary distribution cables/buses are kept to minimum lengths —reducing power losses and exposure to faults, and improving voltage regulation and service continuity.

Primary voltage
2.4 kV - 38 kV
Transformer kVA
300 kVA - 3750 kVA
Secondary voltage
208 V - 600 V

Temel Özellikler

  • Unit Substation Transformer provides complete electrical and mechanical control over coordination of the three close-coupled sections
  • Exceptional flexibility afforded through availability of all switchgear types as secondaries 
  • Coordinated connection design minimizes installation costs
  • Compact design uses space efficiently
  • Single-source responsibility including assembly/integration streamlines processes
  • NEMA® Standard No. 201-1982
  • IEEE® Standard No. 100-1977

Easy to specify

Standardization through IEEE results in proven unit substation designs with complete accessories and features.

Highest short-circuit strength

Highly researched and thoroughly tested unit substation designs withstand repeated large short-circuit currents in modern systems.

Easier handling and reduced maintenance

The secondary unit substation’s compact design reduces rigging and hauling costs and requires less installation space, while simplified accessories reduce maintenance costs.

Plug-and-play wiring reduces installation time and complexity

A secondary unit substation offers dedicated pull-apart terminal blocks and pre-made harnesses eliminate the headaches associated with wiring control and communications devices inside a substation.