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Exceder LED3 high fidelity speaker strobes

Designed for high fidelity sound output, Wheelock’s Exceder LED3 speaker strobes not only feature the widest frequency response range in the industry but also an advanced power saving LED technology that provides high energy efficiency.  The LSPST and LSPSTC models provide leading intelligibility with crisp, clear voice messages, ideal for emergency communications. The speaker strobe appliances also lead the industry in low current draw, which reduces overall power consumption and costs in fire alarm systems.  Colored lens and special lettering models are available.

Exceder LED3 high fidelity speaker strobes
5 Tap settings
1/8 - 2 watts
Selectable Candela
Wall: 15, 30, 75, 110
Ceiling: 15, 30, 75, 95

Leading intelligibility

With the widest frequency response range in the industry (300 to 8000 Hz), the high fidelity speaker strobes are able to reproduce frequencies closer to the original sound, improving the clarity and comprehension of the intended message.

High efficiency, LED technology

As the first notification appliances in the industry to utilize LED as the light source, this breakthrough optical design, resulting in best-in-class efficiency, enables material and system cost savings, allowing for a greater number of appliances on the NAC and fewer power supplies

Meets NFPA 72’s 20 ms light pulse duration requirements

By meeting this latest requirement, Wheelock xenon and Exceder LED3 devices can now be in the same field of view. With the Exceder LED3 line, Eaton now offers a full range of products with low and high candela settings ideal for both retrofits and new construction.

Low profile design

One of the smallest footprints in the industry with an aesthetically pleasing, modern design that does not distract from building decor.

Mass notification appliances

Amber lens and special lettering models, including ALERT and no lettering, are available for indoor, wall and ceiling-mount applications.
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