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Wheelock accessories

Eaton offers a variety of mounting options, including backboxes, trim plates and enclosures for Wheelock audible and visual signaling appliances to meet your application needs.

Wheelock accessories

Mounting options

The Wheelock Mounting Accessories data sheet lists all available mounting options, backboxes and trim plates by model number. It also specifies backbox mounting heights for Wheelock wall-mounted strobe appliances.

Appliance Enclosures

Options for Wheelock appliances include: Slotted weather-resistant enclosure with drain screen (EWR); weather enclosure with drain screen (EWP); and NEMA 4 rated enclosure (EN4).

Tile Bridge

The tile bridge offers ease of mounting for 4" and 8" speakers and speaker strobes to tiled ceilings. Model numbers: CBB-8, SSB-8 and SSB-4.
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