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Wheelock AMT multitone horn strobes

Designed for 2 – 8 wire applications, the Wheelock AMT horn strobes provide 3 distinct prioritized audible signals from 3 isolated inputs, simplifying installation. All inputs are supervised. Priority 1 will override all other commands upon activation.

The AMT horn strobe appliances offers a choice of 8 self-prioritized sound combinations for suppression releasing systems, combination security and emergency evacuation systems and high risk installations.

Additional features include 2 power taps, selectable input voltage, low current draw,  attractive flush and surface mounting options and low cost installation via standard electrical boxes. 

Wheelock MT multitone horn strobes left side view
Wall, Ceiling
Field Selectable Candela
15, 30, 75, 110
71 - 92

Ease of installation

  • Low cost installation via standard electrical boxes with attractive flush or surface mounting options
  • No additional trimplate required for flush mounting
  • Fast installation with in/out screw terminals using #12 to #18 AWG
Approvals & Compliance

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