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Wheelock ET-1010 vandal-resistant speakers

The Wheelock ET-1010 vandal resistant speakers are rugged, high performance notification devices, specifically designed to meet the critical needs of the life safety industry for voice announcements and tone signaling. For both indoor and outdoor applications, the ET-1010 speakers feature field selectable taps for 25 or 70 VRMS operation from 1/8 to 8 watts. 

The high-efficiency design provides improved voice clarity and higher sound output for typical low frequency fire evacuation signaling.  Audio inputs include a 10 uF blocking capacitor for compatibility.  Weatherproof speaker models are also available.

Wheelock ET1010 vandal resistant speakers center view
Wall or Ceiling
Input Voltage (VRMS)
Selectable Tap Settings
1/8 to 8 watts

Vandal resistant

  • Vandal resistant die cast grilles
  • Sealed back speaker construction for extra protection and improved audibility
  • ET-1010 models are UL listed for outdoor use with Wheelock WBB outdoor backbox
Approvals & Compliance

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