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Wheelock MB motor bells

Designed for fire and life safety alarm systems, the Wheelock MB bells feature high sound output with low current draw.  Its integral RFI suppression minimizes induced noise on alarm lines. 

The bells feature a durable, high torque permanent magnet motor selected for its high performance and long life.  Its low frequency aluminum shells provide better audibility through walls, doors, and other structures. 

The MB bells are polarized for DC supervision of NAC circuits and operate on filtered or unfiltered DC.  For combined audible and visual signaling, convenient retrofit assemblies (RSSP) are available with multi-candela or single candela strobes .

Wheelock MB motor bells center view
Shell size
6" or 10"
Input voltage (VDC)
12 or 24
Finish Color
Red or Gray

Ease of installation

  • Mounting options for surface, semi-flush, outdoor, and concealed conduit installation
  • Built-in trim plate for semi-flush mounting
  • Screw terminals for in-out field wiring of #12 to 18 AWG wire
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