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Wheelock PS power supplies

The Wheelock POWERPATH Power Supply (PS-8-LP) is a supervised remote power supply/battery charger in a low profile cabinet that is used for supervision and expanded power driving capability of fire alarm Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs). The PS-8-LP is filtered and regulated and provides 8 amps of power distributed across 4 outputs.

The PS-8-LP features 2 Class B or 2 Class A inputs, input to output follow mode and audible silence capability, dip switch programming and LED latching option, 2 Relays - AC fail and common trouble , and programmable AC loss relay delay. It also provides POWERPATH to POWERPATH panel synchronization and 2.5 amp auxiliary power w/ reset capability.

Wheelock PS-8-LP PowerPath power supply left side view
NAC Power
8 amps 4 Class B NACs or 2 Class A
Optional Expansion
8 Class B or 4 Class A (same box)

Lowest equipment cost per NAC

With up to 8 NACs at 1 amp each, PS-8-LP supports up to 264 Exceder LED3 devices, fully synchronized.

Best ground fault detection

Ground fault detection of each of 8 NACs, each relay, auxiliary output circuit, and synchronization bus power

Best diagnostics

  • Up to 37 distinguishable diagnostic codes available
  • Open, short and over current indications for each of the 8 NACs
  • Auxiliary output current limit indication
  • AC power on, AC loss trouble, battery power on, battery trouble
  • Internal diagnostics: Microprocessor, battery charger, logic board power, synchronization bus power
UL 864, UL 1481, FM
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