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Eaton 3S UPS

The Eaton 3S UPS provides up to 30 minutes of high efficiency and energy-saving battery backup and surge protection for your home and office equipment. The plug-and play functionality of the 3S standby UPS allows you to start backing up your equipment the moment it’s taken out of the box, with automatic integration with Windows, Mac and Linux through a simple connection to a USB port on most models. The 3S manages your energy efficiency for you with an available EcoControl function that automatically disables peripherals when the master device is turned off, providing up to 30 percent greater energy savings than typical battery backups. The sleek design of the 3S home UPS fits neatly under the desk, in an entertainment center or on the wall.

Applications include: Residential, retail, banks.

Protected equipment may include: Routers and home networking devices, TVs, entertainment centers and other electronic equipment.

Eaton 3S UPS

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Intelligent Power Protector

Provides automatic, graceful shutdown of equipment powered by UPS, ensuring system uptime.

3-year warranty

Comprehensive coverage and support for your UPS and batteries.
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