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The Eaton 9130 UPS has reached end-of-life status

The 9130 UPS is no longer produced. Offered as a form, fit and function replacement is the Eaton 9SX UPS (700 VA - 3 kVA). 

The 9SX is a network UPS that boasts an easy-to-read LCD display, double conversion topology and an internal static bypass, all in a convenient tower UPS form with a low total cost of ownership. Compatible with Eaton's network connectivity cards and Intelligent Power Management (IPM) software, this UPS is a vital piece of any physical or virtualized IT environment. 

Battery packs from the 9SX are fully compatible with the Eaton 9130 UPS. 

Replacement UPSs and batteries for the 9130 UPS

9130 UPS model Replacement internal batteries Replacement EBMs 9SX UPS model
PW9130L700T EBP-1601 --- 9SX700
PW9130L1000T-XL EBP-1602 9SXEBM36 9SX1000
PW9130L1500T-XL EBP-1603 9SXEBM48 9SX1500
PW9130L2000T-XL EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX2000
PW9130L3000T-XL EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX3000
PW9130I1000T-XL EBP-1602 9SXEBM36 9SX1000G
PW9130I1500T-XL EBP-1603 9SXEBM48 9SX1500G
PW9130I2000T-XL EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX2000G
PW9130I3000T-XL EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX3000G
PW9130G2000T-XL EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX2000G
PW9130G3000T-XL EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX3000GL
PW9130G2000T-XLEU EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX3000G
PW9130G3000T-XLEU EBP-1604 9SXEBM96 9SX3000G
PW9130N1000T-EBM --- --- 9SXEBM36
PW9130N1500T-EBM --- --- 9SXEBM48
PW9130N3000T-EBM --- --- 9SXEBM96

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