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Double duty: Aqueduct, valued reseller, trusts Eaton solutions in-house

Aqueduct Technologies is one of the fastest-growing private, hybrid and public cloud solutions providers in North America. Serving nearly 300 customers throughout the New England region, the company’s areas of focus include enterprise networking, advanced security, collaboration, data center solutions and carrier services. Read how Eaton, an Aqueduct reseller, provided UPSs, rack PDUs and enclosures as the optimal solution for their new data center.


Designing a new data center from scratch, Aqueduct sought to incorporate best-of-breed technologies in a redundant, resilient power protection solution

The combination of Eaton UPSs, rack PDUs and enclosures provided the optimal solution for the new data center—both from a protection and aesthetic standpoint

Challenge: finding best-of-breed technologies for a new data center

When Aqueduct opted to relocate its headquarters in Waltham, Mass., in 2018, the move provided a unique opportunity for the organization to modernize and redesign its data center from the ground up. In its new facility, Aqueduct desired a high level of redundancy and resiliency, prompting the decision to overhaul the entire infrastructure —from uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) to power distribution units (PDUs) to equipment racks. One of the company’s primary goals was to deploy only the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

“Eaton has a great industry reputation for reliability and standing by their products. For us, choosing to purchase Eaton products was a no-brainer.”

Michael Chen, Aqueduct technical director

Solution: Eaton UPSs, rack PDUs and enclosures

When Aqueduct unveiled its new data center in September 2018, at the helm were Eaton UPSs, rack enclosures and rack PDUs. Two Eaton 9PX UPSs deliver premium, double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes. In addition to the data center, Aqueduct installed two 9PX units within its Interoperability Lab, a dedicated chamber where customer equipment is staged and tested before being deployed into client environments.

Complementing the UPSs are four Eaton RS Enclosures, which are available in network, server and colocation models to meet a variety of application demands. The versatile enclosure offers customizable and flexible mounting options to high-flow doors for maximum airflow to a wide array of cable management options. In addition, physical security is enhanced through a highly secure combination lock, which is particularly beneficial for data centers.

Further streamlining both protection and efficiency are a dozen Eaton rackmount PDUs in managed, metered and basic models. The ePDU G3 managed technology features billing grade accuracy monitoring at the outlet level; outlet switching; and a robust design that is UL-rated to operate at 140° F (60° C) for containment and high temperature environments. Furthermore, the high accuracy meter measures current, voltage, power and energy for load balancing, capacity planning, efficiency monitoring and energy usage reporting.

“If our data center goes down, our business simply can’t function. Downtime is like throwing a wrench into an engine—everything grinds to a halt. We depend on the Eaton UPSs to protect our assets."

Michael Chen, Aqueduct technical director

As a reseller partner, Aqueduct is able to supply clients with the highest quality solutions for their own facilities. Eaton offers partners a wide array of advantages, such as a complete solution portfolio that includes power components for converged solutions, the ability to perform data center assessments, and the fact that the line is not over-distributed. One such innovation is Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software, which provides the tools needed to monitor and manage power devices in both physical and virtual environments.

In addition to the depth and quality of the Eaton product line, Aqueduct also appreciates the value. Aqueduct reaps additional merit from the ongoing support and business development options available to Eaton partners, such as technical support, deal registration and rebates. 

“Our customers are looking for products that are current, with pricing that is fair and consistent. Eaton offers both: a great product line with very attractive pricing strategies.”

Bill Annino, Aqueduct Southern New England senior vice president and general manager

Results: With the Eaton solution, Aqueduct is now able to...

• Ensure high availability and continuous uptime to all of its critical equipment with best-of-breed technologies
• Safeguard client equipment during testing procedures within the implementation center
• Access a comprehensive range of industry-leading power protection solutions to provide to customers
• Gain valuable advantages such as technical support, deal registration and rebates through participation in Eaton’s partner program

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