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Shop but don’t drop: Ralph Lauren achieves continuous uptime with Eaton

Ralph Lauren is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise that produces mid-range to luxury fashion products. In addition to offering multiple apparel brands, the American corporation sells home products, accessories and fragrances. With more than 300 stores throughout North America, Ralph Lauren’s retail locations include flagship sites, outlets and temporary storefronts. Read how the organization upgraded its power protection solution to gain visibility and uptime across all facilities. 


The retailer required visibility, reliability and standardization from its backup power UPS solution.
Ralph Lauren no longer has to worry about who will watch the shop when it comes to ensuring continuous uptime throughout its stores.

Challenge: bolstering reliability and gaining visibility into its power protection solution

The fashion giant was struggling with a lack of visibility into the power protection solution it had deployed throughout its North American stores. A mix of different manufacturers’ uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) were tasked with protecting network operations, individual cash registers and point of sale (POS) devices at each location. However, the UPSs were routinely failing from bad batteries and other service issues — a problem Ralph Lauren had no way of ascertaining until it was too late. Equally challenging was trying to oversee regular maintenance and service on the units. 

“Every time we needed to replace a unit, we had to go through a series of difficult tasks. It was very complicated trying to keep records of every model and serial number. I needed a system where I could just log in and see a list of all of our units.”

Elvin McLaughlin, Ralph Lauren IT manager

Solution: Eaton PredictPulse, backup power UPSs and environmental monitoring probes

Completely overhauling its previous power protection solution, Ralph Lauren selected the Eaton 9PX UPS to safeguard network operations, while all of its cash registers are protected by Eaton 5PX UPSs. Each store also features an Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) for backup power UPS, which collects temperature and humidity readings while enabling Ralph Lauren to monitor the data remotely, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

But what sealed the deal for the retailer was Eaton PredictPulse remote monitoring service, a cloud-based monitoring and management service that gives Ralph Lauren the vision it needs into its network infrastructure. Collecting and analyzing data from connected power devices, PredictPulse provides Eaton with the insight to make recommendations and take action on behalf of the organization. At regular intervals, connected devices send parametric data to Eaton’s monitoring center and if anything is out of the ordinary or an issue arises, Eaton notifies Ralph Lauren and recommends the best way to address it. 

“With PredictPulse, we’re able to take care of problems before they impact the store...Now I don’t have to take my managers off of the sales floor to be looking for UPS details in some data closet.” 

Elvin McLaughlin, Ralph Lauren IT manager

PredictPulse remote monitoring service has completely changed the landscape of backup power UPS management for Ralph Lauren, providing decision-makers with a list of units with their respective serial numbers, model details, warranty period and store location — making it infinitely easier when it comes time to service or replace units. The solution also gives IT personnel the ability to make decisions on the fly, based on the needs of a particular store.

The complete Eaton solution has performed so well that Ralph Lauren opted to roll out a near-identical package in its temporary stores. Establishing 40 to 60 of these sites each year, the interim locations allow consumers to continue shopping while a primary store is being renovated, which typically lasts from one to 12 months.


“If I prevent just one outage in five years, the UPS pays for itself … I’ve had instances where there has been a surge and the entire mall has lost power. Yet our store is full. Our store is busy making more sales.”

Elvin McLaughlin, Ralph Lauren IT manager

Results: With the Eaton solution, Ralph Lauren is now able to…

• Gain complete visibility into its power protection solution and proactively respond when needed
• Keep operations up and running without interruption at both permanent and temporary stores
• Ensure its salespeople remain focused on selling, rather than on power protection
• Easily keep track of and manage all service and warranty details through PredictPulse
• Remotely monitor and manage equipment

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